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Do you have trouble keeping track of your knitting needle sizes, lengths and types? Can you remember if you have enough yarn in your stash to do the next project, and what the dye lot is? Would you like to have a picture of all of the projects that you have done at your fingertips to show your knitting buddies? Knit Keeper to the rescue!

Knit Keeper is the essential iPhone tool for every knitting enthusiast. Keep track of all your needles, yarn stash, projects and pattern sources. No longer will you need to wonder what you have in your yarn basket. With Knit Keeper you will have it at your fingertips.

Needles – Knit Keeper‘s Needles tab allows you to keep track of all of your knitting and crochet needles. Have you ever been in your favorite yarn store and wondered if you had the correct needles for the next awesome project that you are planning? Stress no more. Knit Keeper will let you quickly sort your needles by brand, material, size, or type. Think of the money you will save for yarn instead of purchasing needles that you already have. It has never been easier to keep track of all of your needles.

Stash – Knit Keeper’s Stash tab lets you know exactly what yarn you have, and how many skeins. Enter the color, brand, yarn weight, ply, fiber blend, color number, dye lot and more to help you organize your stash. Take a picture in Knit Keeper of your yarn to help you see the color, texture and blend.

Projects – Do you have projects in varying stages of completion? Keep track of your projects as current, future and finished.  Take a picture with your iPhone to remember that awesome cable sweater you made for Christmas for your sister. Keep important details, and take notes about the project so that you can duplicate or improve it.

Patterns – As you browse your favorite knitting books, magazines, PDFs and websites we all come across patterns that we want to remember. Now you can keep a reference to those patterns in Knit Keeper‘s Patterns library, so that you can access them easily. Also you can use the Patterns library to catalog your book and magazine references so that you know what you have. Take a picture of the cover and you’ll have a quick visual reference.

Download Knit Keeper today! Show your friends what a wonderful tool it is and how it saves you time and money as you organize your knitting life.

Sample Screen shots for the Stash tab

Other Sample Screen shots

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3 thoughts on “Knit Keeper App

  1. Great thanks goes to JacquieKK!!! She found a small bug in the Pattern Keeper section that would not allow her notes to be saved.

    Actually JacquieKK, the notes have been saved all along, they just weren’t being displayed. I’m happy to report that the bug has been fixed and the KnitKeeper update 1.0.3 is in review in the AppStore.

    It shouldn’t be long until the update is available. Depending on the AppStore, it could be a few days to a few weeks.


    Version 1.0.3 is available on the AppStore

  2. I purchased Needle Minder for my IPad. I also would like it for my IPhone . I cannot get the data to sync to the cloud so I can see it on my iPhone. Am I missing something? I am a new Apple user! Thanks for your help…I love the app!

  3. Thank you Ynnan5 for a great question. I’m sorry to say that currently Needle Minder is not set up to sync with iCloud. We have lots of plans for Needle Minder, and that is one of them. An iPad edition is another. Once the iPad version is done, they will both have the same database, and when you access either one it will have the same information as the other. Sadly, our developer is busy with another project at present and I don’t have any idea when Needle Minder will be updated. But hang in there! There is always hope.

    Thank you for your support and hope you love Needle Minder!.

    PS. Stay tuned. The next app from Thor Mountain is awaiting review at the App Store…Introducing CountKeeper…A knit counter that is powerful yet EASY TO USE!!

    CountKeeper is now available on the App store!

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