FAQs – Stash Keeper

Q. How do I create a new stash record?
A. A new stash record is created from the main stash screen by tapping the ‘New’ button in upper right corner. The ‘Add Stash’ screen is then presented. Now you may enter the information that you desire.
Type in the fields you desire. Not every field must be filled. It’s up to you.
Don’t forget to take a picture of your stash.
When you are finished describing your stash, touch the ‘Done’ button up in the right corner. It will take you back to the main screen.

Q. How do I take a picture of my stash?
A. Touch the camera button and then choose ‘Take Photo With Camera’. You may zoom and crop your photo. Select the ‘Use’ button if you like it.
If you accidentally chose the ‘Use’ button, but you don’t like the photo, you may choose the camera button again and the initial photo will be removed.
If you already have a photo in your photo library that you want to use, choose ‘Select Photo From Library’. Some people prefer to use iPhone’s camera app to take the photo and then select it from the library. That way the photo is saved in the Camera Roll. Knit Keeper does not automatically save the photos in the Camera Roll.

Q. What is that other icon next to the camera used for?
A. The poloroid icon is used when you desire to look at a photo that you have already taken and saved. Prior to saving the record, the background is a ball of yarn icon.

Q. My fibers add up to more than 100%. What should I do?
A. Check your math! You are in charge of inputting the correct percentages. Knit Keeper will add whatever you put in.

Q. I made a mistake on the fiber type, and I want to remove it. What do I do?
A. The top most selection in the picker wheel is a ‘blank’. Choose that.

Q. I can’t seem to get rid of the keyboard. What do I do?
A. Touch somewhere on the colored background of the page. The keyboard should retract.