CountKeeper app

We’ve all seen the counters in the app store. They are either too complicated or not what you need as a knitter. Well the wait is over. CountKeeper is an EASY TO USE¬†iPhone¬†app that will have you keeping track of all of your counting needs for your knitting projects.

First, CountKeeper can be used as a simple counter. Custom name your project and start counting! Tap the large blue button and you are on your way. Should you need to frog (I did once…) all you do is press the red button and the row count decreases. Easy…peasy.

CountKeeper lets you have as many project counters as there are sheep on a bad night’s sleep. No longer do you need to reset your counter every time you switch knitting projects. No more little notes to remind you where in your project you are. CountKeeper gives your brain a rest and remembers where you left off.

For knitters that do more complicated projects, CountKeeper can keep up with you. Create as many subcounters as you desire for each project. You can custom name them too. When a subcounter comes to the end of its first (and every) cycle, you hear an alarm that lets you know audibly that you are done. When your subcounter completes all of its cycles, you hear another chime that lets you know the subcounter is completely done. If you knit so fast that you get tired of hearing the alarms, there is a setting to turn them off if you desire.

Need to remember something special about your project for next time? CountKeeper can help. For each project, there is a note section that allows you to write your own notes.

Need to start your counter in the middle of a project? No problem. CountKeeper‘s got you covered. Tap the large number to choose what row you want to start on, and you’re set!

Download CountKeeper today! We know that once you see how easy and intuitive it is to use, you’ll want to tell all your friends at knitting club what an easy tool it is for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Here are a few sample screen shots from CountKeeper

Other Sample Screen shots

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