Needle Minder FAQs

Needle Minder FAQs

Q. What is Needle Minder?
A.  Needle Minder is a simple app to help you keep track of all your knitting needles. This is great when you are at your favorite yarn shop (like Camus Creek Yarn in Kalispell, Montana) and you find a great new project but can’t quite remember what needles you have at home.

Q. How does Needle Minder work?
A.  Needle Minder allows you to create a description of each of the needles that you have in your stash.

Q. How do I create a new needle record?
A.  A new needle record is created from the main screen by tapping the ‘New’ button in upper right corner. The ‘Add Needle’ screen is then presented. Now you may enter the information that you desire.
Type in the fields you desire. Not every field must be filled. It’s up to you.
Use the buttons on the selection bars to further describe your needle.
When you are finished describing your needle, touch the ‘Done’ button up in the right corner. It will take you back to the main screen.

Q. Do you have any suggestions on how to use the ‘Brand’ field?
A.  As an example, in the ‘Brand’ field you may want to enter ‘Addi’ or ‘Addi clicks’ or ‘Addi lace’. It’s up to you how you want to describe your needles.

Q. My needle doesn’t quite fit into any of the categories available. What should I do?
A.  Many use the ‘Notes’ field for additional information. You may put anything in the notes section. While the notes don’t show up on the main screen, you can look at the note by selecting the needle’s record from the main screen.

Q. For what kind of things do people use the ‘Notes’ field?
A.  You may use it for whatever you desire. Some keep track of specific projects in which the needle was used. Others note where the needle was purchased (like Camus Creek Yarn in Kalispell, Montana). Use your imagination!

Q. I can’t seem to get my size 000 needles to work in the size field. What should I do?
A. For this we need to do a little work around. Use the crochet letter field to put in your 00 and 000 needles.