Needle Minder app

Have you ever been at your favorite yarn and knitting store and not known what needles you have at home for a project? Stress no longer! Needle Minder app can solve your dilemma and save you money! No need to purchase unneeded or unwanted needles. Needle Minder to the rescue.

Needle Minder is a simple and elegant solution to view your needle selection quickly. Designed by knitters for knitters, Needle Minder is simple and easy to use.
Does the project call for a certain size of needle? No problem. Search your needle inventory by size to see what you have. Does it require circular needles? Again, no problem. Search by needle type and you quickly can see what you have available.
Needle Minder allows you to input descriptive information about each needle:
* Brand
* Size (US size or metric)
* Length (inches or cm)
* Type (single-point, double-point, circular or specialty)
* Material (metal, wood, plastic, bamboo or other)
* Notes
Purchase Needle Minder today. It will help you organize your life, save you money and time, and let you get started on that next wonderful knitting project.

Sample Screen shots